Why us?

We care

We started this company in early 2020 right before the pandemic hit and we decided to continue our work because we were both passionate about transparency in giving and the belief that our app could make financial relationships better between groups of people.

Payment app fees are ridiculous

We felt that we could create a payments app that could help small businesses and charities with fees especially during a time where we saw small businesses closing. To us, it's just the right thing to do.

One app for everything

We realized that there are some great apps out there that dealt with donations, expenses and payment but there wasn't one app for everything. Our differentiator is that we can make donations, payments, expenses, and collections but also, do this with groups of people.

Security and Trust is critical

In SoshWallet, we validate the critical users or who we call the Social Financial Organizers. We take extra precautions because it's important for us to know whose interacting within the app but it also creates less fraud between our Soshers. We require the last 4 digits of your social security number, as well as, date of birth. We also have the ability for the group admin to have a co-admin so there is double the security within the group which creates that further trust.

Using our app does not allow you to disclose your banking account number & routing numbers. You are essentially signing up to transfer money easily and since our app is built on blockchain, the ledger is virtual so transactions are locked.