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  • Austin Jones

Why Student Involvement In The PTA Leads To Success And Accountability

Students have an important role to play in their school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Involving students in the PTA can provide many benefits, both for the student body and the community. Through student involvement, the PTA can increase fundraising, better recognize student needs, and hold all members accountable for their roles. In this blog post, we'll explore why student involvement in the PTA matters.

Parents and teachers are not the only ones who benefit from being involved in the PTA.

Students can benefit greatly from being involved in their school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA). It provides them with the opportunity to make their voices heard, get involved in their school community, and develop leadership skills.

Fundraising is an important part of PTA activities, and students can help out by participating in the process. They can learn how to market and promote fundraising efforts, such as by creating posters, organizing donation drives, or running school-wide events. These activities will help build team-working skills and allow students to take ownership of the success of the school’s fundraising initiatives. When using SoshWallet, students can show potential PTA fundraiser donors the accounting behind the PTA. They can engage donors on a more personal level and get them to commit to fundraising with their own SoshWallet account. A donor being able to see exactly how their funds are spent, is a more committed donor.

Having students involved in the PTA also helps the organization better recognize student needs. Through surveys and meetings, students can give their input on what resources or changes they would like to see at the school. This could include new furniture for the library, improved extracurricular activities, or even a more active student government. By having them participate in decision making processes and giving them more control over the organization, students become more invested in the success of their school and its students. They will be more likely to keep up with PTA activities and hold each other accountable to ensure that changes are actually implemented.

Student involvement in the PTA is essential in helping schools better meet the needs of their students. It is an excellent way for students to develop key leadership skills while contributing to their school’s success. Through involving students in the PTA via SoshWallet's mobile app - you can keep the students engaged on fundraising agendas while giving them a social forum to announce their needs to the PTA or host student body votes on fundraising projects.

Students who are involved in the PTA are more likely to be successful in school and life.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) plays a vital role in creating a supportive and positive learning environment for students. By involving students in the PTA, they become part of the process, building their sense of ownership over their education and setting them up for success. Here are some of the benefits that come with student involvement in the PTA.

Fundraising: Student involvement in the PTA gives them an opportunity to take part in fundraising efforts to help fund special projects or activities in the school. This teaches students valuable skills like budgeting and fundraising, which can be invaluable tools for later on in life. Allowing students to learn about accounting and banking through their PTA's SoshWallet account is an invaluable life skill often not taught in schools. The apps focus on highlighting expenses, credits, and budgets is an ideal introductory course for students to learn general finance.

The PTA provides an opportunity for students to learn leadership skills.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an invaluable asset for both parents and students alike. Not only does the PTA provide a forum for meaningful conversations between parents and educators, but it also provides an opportunity for students to become involved in their local school communities. Through student involvement in the PTA, children can develop important leadership skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Students are able to help identify issues such as bullying, academic struggles, or other areas of concern. Students are often the best people to recognize their own needs and those of their peers. By allowing students to participate in the PTA, their voices are heard and their ideas are taken into consideration. This can help inform decisions about how to best support students’ needs and create a better school environment for everyone. By involving students in the PTA via SoshWallet, we can learn to better meet their needs.

Students can make a difference in their school and community by being involved in the PTA.

By involving students in the PTA, you can help hold school leaders accountable for their actions. Students can provide an outside perspective on policies or decisions that are being made and can challenge school leaders to ensure they are making decisions in the best interest of their students. By involving your children in the PTA, you can open up many doors for them to gain new skills and make a difference in their school and community. Through fundraising, recognizing student needs, and holding school leaders accountable, students can have a powerful voice in their schools and beyond.

According to - "Regular student participation in a school's PTO or PTA helps leaders understand the students' experiences, identify issues that need attention, and find ways to address those issues. It also gives students a chance to develop leadership skills and be a force for positive change in their school community."

SoshWallet cares about community. We might be a finance tech app, but our main goals are to increase communication, clarity, and accountability in your organization. Especially Parent Teacher Associations, where the development of our future generations is a top priority.

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