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Why Political Campaigns Should Use SoshWallet

Politics - largely a battle of who the people can trust. Many campaigning points are often surrounding what the candidates support and what they're against. What if you could make your political campaign transparent for everyone to see? Imagine voting between two candidates. Option one, you can see who all their donors are and how they're spending the campaign money. With option two, you don't exactly know how they campaigned. The candidate who ran their campaign transparently with SoshWallet would be more likely to be trusted off the bat.

With SoshWallet, politicians can be entirely open with all their donors. This is a campaign winning tool! We the people should make it the norm, that those who represent us must conduct their professional lives in a manner that allows everyone to see who is funding them. It's very disheartening when we learn that a politician we trusted, who promised to protect the interests we hold - Wind up doing 180 degree turns and voting differently because a bigger donor bought them out.

SoshWallet's simple and easy to use mobile application can allow any political campaign to become a transparent group banking project! Treasurers can add this to their arsenal and make obtaining donations much easier. Mail in donations are old school, the 21st century winning political campaigns will utilize their own shared bank account with all donors through SoshWallet!

It would be kind of like an Annual Shareholders meeting, where just owning some stock allows you entry to. Whether you're a large donor or a small donor - you get access to the campaign account. This instills a level of involvement and equity that no other campaigning donation measure can reach.

With small local government, state, and federal. Being able to follow these campaigns you're involved in on a deeper level, truly may be the future of politics. What if your city government used SoshWallet? You could simply open an app and see all the expenditures for your city! Possibly even your state and federal government departments! While the application of SoshWallet to larger levels of government is unlikely, it would be a great tool for the people. It would start with the politicians.

If you want a more transparent government, start using and promoting SoshWallet!

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