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  • Austin Jones

Ways To Fundraise For Your Animal Shelter With SoshWallet

Animal shelters play a crucial role in rescuing and caring for animals in need. However, running a shelter is expensive and requires constant fundraising to keep the doors open. Fundraising is anything but easy but SoshWallet can help make it not so hard!

When a shelter uses SoshWallet, we increase the involvement of your shelters community. By having them on your accounts message board, they're always a notification away from knowing if the shelter has urgent needs. With bank account auditing visibility they know how your shelter is spending the funds. This increases the sense of trust and levels of commitment you will get from your community.

With our individual wallets you can create sponsorship programs for individual animals. One example of this is "sponsorship" programs, where individuals or groups can financially support a specific animal in the shelter. This can include paying for their medical expenses, food, and other necessities. In return, the sponsor may receive updates on the animal and even be able to visit them.

You can put QR codes in front of each dog kennel with a "donate to me" option that allows your community to instantly scan and donate while using the SoshWallet app.

Another way shelters can raise money with SoshWallet for individual animals is coordinating through "foster" programs. In this program, a person can take an animal from the shelter into their home temporarily and provide them with love, care and attention. The foster person is responsible for the animal's food and medical expenses, while the shelter covers the cost of vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries or a mix of both! With the SoshWallet app, members of your community can not only help with the shelter but also the shelters foster homes!

Highlighting individual animals and their stories can be an effective way for shelters to raise funds and provide the best possible care for the animals in their care. By supporting these efforts, individuals and groups can make a direct impact on the life of a specific animal and help the shelter continue its important work. We know there's plenty of ways to fundraise, but giving a focus on the individual animals is a good method to add to your arsenal of fundraising! Consider using SoshWallet for your shelter!

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