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  • Austin Jones

Use SoshWallet To Prevent Fraud In Your PTA

Fraud in Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) is a serious issue that can have detrimental effects on the students, teachers, and community at large. PTAs are meant to be a partnership between parents, teachers, and the school to support the education and well-being of the students. However, when fraud occurs within a PTA, it can erode trust and undermine the organization's ability to effectively carry out its mission.

One common form of fraud in PTAs is embezzlement, where the PTA's funds are misused or misappropriated. This can involve anything from stealing cash to using the PTA's credit card for personal expenses. Embezzlement can have serious consequences, including criminal charges and damage to the PTA's reputation.

Just March of last year, a New York PTA treasurer was charged with over $185,000 dollars of PTA funds stolen. Read about it in this article by the New York Post.

Another form of fraud in PTAs is conflicts of interest. This can occur when a PTA member or officer has a personal interest in a decision being made by the organization, such as voting to hire a relative for a contract or purchasing goods or services from a business owned by a PTA member. Conflicts of interest can lead to unfair or biased decisions, and can damage the PTA's credibility and integrity.

To prevent fraud in PTAs, it is important for the organization to have strong financial controls in place. This can include measures such as regular audits, separation of duties, and clear policies for handling and reporting financial transactions. It is also important for PTA members to be aware of and follow the organization's conflict of interest policies, and to disclose any potential conflicts before participating in decisions that may be affected by them.

SoshWallet can elminiate Fraud in your PTA. Our easy to use mobile application is an accountable and inclusive environment. Our app allows all members of the PTA community to not only track financial transactions but also rally around goals and efforts of the PTA. Download our app on Apple and Android devices.

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