• Austin Jones

The Evolution Of Banking Proves We Need SoshWallet

The first bank ever was created to help people store their money and make it accessible when they needed it. It's recorded back as far as the earliest records of human history in ancient Sumer. The original banks offered traveling merchants safety by giving them notes that would be recognized for currency between vast distances, reducing the risks of being robbed along their way.

Banking has changed dramatically since the dawn of human civilization. As society has grown and our technologies, so does the significance of banking and all the services banks provide.

Over the years, banking has evolved to become a fundamental part of society. Today's banks offer a wide range of services—from loans to mortgages and deposits to investment advice—to help customers manage their finances. Banks don't just give their customers notes for safer travel anymore, they're entire financial institutions that also help people spend their money more wisely.

These newers services are reflecting upon how much more complex our lifestyles are becoming compared to thousands of years ago. While these newer services are essential to the lives of many people, they also come with some inherent risks; this is why transparency in financial transactions is so important for society as a whole.

As time goes on, we can only expect more change in banking. Which will require more transparency. This is where SoshWallet comes in. It's compatible with all major banks and FDIC insured. It allows any group of people to bank together transparently. Imagine if all group financial applications started operating transparently among themselves. Companies become more efficient and it's been proven there's a trend moving towards transparency in the workplace according to Entreprenuer.com.

Charities get more donors and rank higher on charity ranking platforms per their budget credibility and performance. Teams in general are more efficient regardless of industry or sector.

Don't wait, download SoshWallet today and get your group on the right path to transparent finance!