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  • Austin Jones

Statistics On PTA Spending And School Inequality

In a study done with data from public schools in Illinois, during the 2020 Covid19 crisis. How PTA's spent money compared to other schools really showcases the success of that school. You can read the study, Documenting Inequitable Patterns in Spending by Parent Teacher Associations, Parent Teacher Organizations, and “Friends of” Fundraising Groups at Illinois Public Schools by Urban Institute. The study shows that schools with PTA who fundraise were getting their students back in class sooner. There are patterns of inequity among the various schools in Illinois and by documenting it we can better serve students.

A key takeaway in the studies summary - "Policymakers and researchers could mitigate potential inequities if there were better documentation of the spending by these fundraising groups."

If Parent Teacher Associations can start to be more accountable in their financing, we can address inequities among schools cities, counties, and states apart. We can collectively document how different PTAs spend their funds, how they fundraise, and then apply the success formula to underserved schools.

The proof is in the pudding of the key data -

  • In Illinois, nearly 600 school-specific fundraising organizations spend on average $107.12 per student a year.

  • More half (58 percent) of school-specific fundraising groups are associated with schools serving the wealthiest 25 percent of students.

Not only are there inequities among different schools, but there are inequities among students in the same school! We have to do better. We can do this by being more inclusive in the school and its affiliated organizations. We can do this by being more accountable and more transparent. SoshWallet knows that by applying these practices, together we can make a better more equitable community for all!

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