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SoshWallet - The Future Of Finance

This isn't some tech bro spiel about how SoshWallet is going to disrupt the financial industry, making all of it's competition obsolete and establishing itself as the future of banking. SoshWallet will become the future of banking by simply adding an easy to use layer of transparency among those banking in groups. The majority of financial moves are done very old fashioned. Whether it's investing into a new cutting edge startup company or gathering funds for your local Parent Teacher Association. There's handshakes, promises, money given and usually a treasurer or general few people that need to be trusted with the funds. Sadly, all too often we see in the news another trusted PTA treasurer or savvy tech bro - embezzling these funds. It's not just embezzlement we have to worry about either, sometimes payments aren't made on time or the wrong things are purchased accidentally. Regardless, in most group banking situations - there's usually a few people that everyone has to trust with little to no transparency.

SoshWallet is changing this and can be easily added to any new or current group banking scenario!

Imagine you're a parent heavily involved in your local PTA, you're one of the top donors and want the best for your community. The PTA treasurer sure seems to be going on lot's of nice trips. Wouldn't you sleep better at night knowing your money is being put to good use and not funding expensive vacations?

Imagine you're a veteran philanthropist, many of the projects you've invested in have fizzled out as does most new business. You still wonder how those funds you invested were spent and grow more skeptical with each new group of founders and their projects. Wouldn't you feel more at ease if you could watch how those funds are spent in real time?

SoshWallet turns your imagination into reality by providing a easy to use mobile application on Android and Apple! Allow every member of your group to be involved on levels of treasurer and witnessing spectator. Don't you think treasurers and those we trust with our money, will be more likely to act right if they know everyone is watching? Privacy is important but in group banking scenarios with various peoples hard earned money - we need some transparency! SoshWallet doesn't want to disrupt the financial industry, we want to help fix all the relationships already in place and provide more stability for all the new ones!

If you find yourself in a group banking scenario, tell everyone about SoshWallet! It's FDIC insured, integrates with banks, and usable by anyone with a smartphone. Just download the app, make your account, and then choose how you want to perform your social financials! SoshWallet is here to establish trust for group banking, make fundraising more transparent, and help make financial relationships be healthy ones!

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