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SoshWallet Takes Cooperatives To The Next Level!

According to Wikipedia - A cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically-controlled enterprise. Otherwise in layman's terms - it's a group where the power is transparent and divided more equally.

Coop's were originally developed for things like sharecropping or helping smaller separate groups volume order large quantities of the same goods to save money. They've since evolved into joint efforts for things like group real estate investing or tech startup equity distribution methodology. Cooperatives translate into almost any group organization but with a more social power structure.

While these group orientated organizations have changed over time, the linear path and progression towards fairness has been consistent. SoshWallet or Social Wallet if you will, want's to help cooperatives take it a step further!

Imagine being able to see your cooperatives bank account. See every sale, every deposit, every expense! You can't get anymore transparent than with a SoshWallet group banking account access!

Whether your coop's game is real estate or produce farming, SoshWallets Social Wallet can help bring your group to the next level of transparency and fairness! Cooperatives have become a buzz word in recent years with more organizations opting in to conduct themselves like one.

Their savvy, appealing, and most of all they focus on what's best for the group versus the individual. In what better application for this mantra can you get besides an app for group banking! SoshWallet will help your Cooperative cooperate! Getting payments and donations are ten times easier with SoshWallets mobile group banking app!

So wait no more! Tell your group about SoshWallet! Download the mobile app on either Apple or Android, get all your members on here! Set the standard that transparency and fairness are the way to go!

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