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SoshWallet Is The Ultimate Tool For Treasurers

There are over 30,000 treasurers in the United States alone. Being the one entrusted with gathering all the donations, payments, and making sure every expense is properly covered is an incredible responsibility. According to Attorney Law Magazine every year U.S. businesses have $50 billion stolen from them by employees . Making embezzlement a top business challenge in the world today. This statistic is just for private industry too, not counting charity, non profit organizations, cooperatives and more. In todays world a treasurer has to be trusted. What better way to prove you can be trusted than to have everyone involved in the bank account with SoshWallet!

SoshWallet has an easy to use interface that allows treasurers to share spectating access of the organizations bank account with everyone. With different layers of access you can allow members to just be able to make donations while seeing how the donations or payments are spent. This provides a layer of transparency that earns peoples trust. While making collecting payments easier than sending email invoices or being taxable transactions.

The treasurer of the future uses SoshWallet because of the utility. Everyone can be using the same payment method, no more trying to balance 10 different payment platforms. FDIC insured & free to use, you don't have to twist peoples arms to hop on board. "I'm your new treasurer, we use SoshWallet so that everyone can see how the money is spent here. It's free so just download it and we'll add you on as spectator access to the group account." Is a very easy sell!

SoshWallet wants to bring treasurers into the 21st century. Where group payments and group banking has always been done with handshakes hoping the other people keep their promises. To group banking where all members get to see every transaction. This minimizes room for error. A transparent shared bank account wasn't something that could be done until recently. SoshWallet is changing this by putting the social in wallets! Make your project, company, charity, organizations wallet transparent for group banking with Soshwallet!

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