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  • Austin Jones

SoshWallet Gives - SOS Cat Rescue

SoshWallet gives is our program that donates and promotes charities across the country. In this installment, we are doing a auction where 100% of the proceeds go to SOS Cat Rescue. SOS Cat Rescue is a no kill, foster based rescue program. It's a nationwide network of cat foster parents - housing, feeding, and caring for our furry friends until they find their furever home!

If you'd like to get involved in our auction, just join the public Facebook group SoshWallet Gives SOS Rescue. We are auctioning off things like Paintings, Clothes, Gift Baskets, Jewelry, Blankets, Books, Calendars, and more with everything having a feline focus! Every item purchased will have all of it's money go to SOS Cat Rescue. Which means that your involvement in our auction directly benefits adorable cute little cats.

The items you purchase in our auction are going to wind up feeding precious furry cat friends. It's going to find them their forever homes. If you join the SoshWallet Gives SOS Rescue group on Facebook and even just share the items. You'll be doing some cats around the country a solid!

So what do your say SoshWallet fam? Don't you love cats? Then go join our group! Share the items we're auctioning off! Maybe consider trying to buy one of the cool nifty items we have listed!

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