• Austin Jones

SoshWallet Celebrates World Teachers Day!

October 5th is World Teachers Day. All around the globe different nations are celebrating today to recognize the importance of their communities educators. This day goes back to 1994 when UNESCO wanted to commemorate the importance of teachers and their affiliations with unions. UNESCO's goal is to promote world peace through cooperative actions focused on international culture, arts, and education.

SoshWallet is cheering World Teachers Day on for many reasons. One being co founder Jennifer Friday Jones, was an educator earlier on in her career before starting SoshWallet. We want to stand in solidarity with teachers today around the world.

Opinion - educators here in the united states are underpaid and underserved. Most teachers buy all their classrooms materials, work unpaid hours, and have to perform tasks out of their salaries contracts. The people who are teaching our children, our next generation to lead the world should be held in higher regard.

To be an educator should be the most competitive career field with the highest pay grade. Those we task with not only educating but inspiring the next generation of leaders need to not only be well compensated but also be the best of the best at what they do.

SoshWallet wants to help empower teachers, so today we're announcing that any charity or public fund setup to help local educators can be hosted entirely on SoshWallet! They can also be integrated with our transparent accounting access, allowing donors to see how the funds are spent. So you can still use any major bank or platforms like Gofundme but also have the utility that SoshWallet provides for group banking.