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  • Austin Jones

SoshWallet Can Save Animals!

If you've ever visited an animal shelter, the kennels with a dogs name and info tagged in front of them is the norm. There's the cat rooms where you can go sit amongst an army of feline friends. If it's a sanctuary there might even be horses, exotic birds, and rescued farm animals. You can pretty much expect to see the same thing at every rescue but what is something that these shelters and sanctuaries seem to be missing?

SoshWallet QR codes allow for transparent accounting, meaning even if someone doesn't want to take on the full responsibility of an animal themselves - they can see where another person is trying to adopt them. They can see how much the shelter spends on food for them and what their medication costs may be. They can donate to them!

Shelters, Rescues, and Sanctuaries are always taking donations and raising funds. It's always under the premise of the entire organization and rarely is there a focus for the individual animals. SoshWallet's easy to use transparent banking app is the perfect addition to helping shelters.

Theres platforms like Cuddly, PetFinder, and The Animal League which have a focus on individual animals and help raise money to meet those animals needs. They aren't transparent in real time however, with a tool like SoshWallet they could be showing donors exactly how the funds are spent in real time.

SoshWallet can also help with the entire organization general fundraising as well. The organizations that are focused on being transparent often report quarterly or annually to their donors. In times of urgency and crisis when these animals need help the most, shouldn't the accounting be transparent in real time? SoshWallet is FDIC insured, compatible with all major banks, and easy to use on both Android/Apple devices.

Whether the freezers go out, a storm damages the property, a large influx of rescues floods the shelter and over runs it's operating capacity - the work of caring for pets in need is impossible to always be prepared for. SoshWallet can bridge the gap between donor involvement and recurrent donations. Being able to see all the finances inner working establishes more trust in teams and organizations.

So whether it's helping the old retired couple adopt Spike the Pitbull. Covering a cats surgery. Keeping the shelter rolling when a CATastrophe occurs. SoshWallet is there!

The Humane Society reports its financial records annually, Cats Inn talks about how rescues spend your money, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary reports annually. While annual reporting and transparency is great, we believe that when it comes to making sure our furry friends are well taken care of, that the best homes are found for them, and these shelters can continue to operate - they need transparent finance in real time!

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