• Austin Jones

SoshWallet Can Help With Hurricane Ian Relief!

SoshWallet want's to help with hurricane Ian relief. This storm has caused tremendous damage in South Florida alone and we won't know the full extent until the comings weeks.

Hurricane Ian tore through the Florida Peninsula and is regaining strength now in the Atlantic to make another landfall on the East Coast. Fort Myers was where this monster storm made landfall, with the national guard being deployed and the storm surge just now receding - It's hard to estimate just how bad the damage is.

SoshWallet was created for groups to bank together transparently. In trying times like this, we need to come together and help our neighboring communities with charity. If people know exactly how their money is going to be spent, then they're more likely to donate it. That's where SoshWallet comes in, it's easy to use mobile application is compatible with all major banks and FDIC Insured.

There will likely be new foundations organized specifically for hurricane Ian relief. The Red Cross, Cajun Navy, and others are reputable but have a niche focus on rescue/recovery versus rebuilding. After seeing all the demolished roads, businesses, and homes it's obvious that there will need to be long term Hurricane Ian relief. SoshWallet want's to assist these programs by offering a transparent layer of accounting access to all donors of each cause.

If hurricane Ian compares to costs of other similar storms, it will be well into the tens of billions of dollars. The infrastructure to rebuild this from the state of Florida alone won't be enough, we will need help to rebuild. The most recent large hurricane to decimate Florida was Michael in 2018 which totaled out to 25 billion with 18 of that being in Florida.

FSU football players, Florida philanthropists, and just your typical Florida Man are all gathering around to donate supplies and funds. The IRS says they will be giving tax relief to Ian victims. The federal government is going to give assistance. SoshWallet want's to do their part as well, so if you are the head of a relief fund project - use us! Give all your donors a layer of transparency that encourages them to grow your group of donors!