• Austin Jones

Should Midterm Political Campaigns Be Transparent?

Politics should be transparent. Campaign funds should be transparent. SoshWallet can make this happen.

It's time to put an end to the corruption and secrecy that have plagued our political system for too long. We need to know who is contributing to campaigns, how much they are contributing, and what they expect in return. If we want to make our country better for all its citizens, we need accountability from those who represent us in government.

Transparency is necessary to ensure that the candidates who are elected are the ones who are supported by the people, and not just by those who have contributed to their campaigns. This is why it is important to require politicians to disclose all of their donors, including those who give anonymously. SoshWallet is a mobile app that allows any group to give account access to all it's members.

Transparency in politics is a crucial part of the democratic process. Without it, we can't be sure that politicians are acting in our best interest, or even at all. The public needs to know where our campaign funds are coming from, what they're being spent on, and how much money each candidate has available to them. We also need to know if there's any potential for corruption during the election cycle—and how much of it there is. If campaigns used SoshWallet, then voters would know if the politicians they campaigned for are consistent and hold their word or not.

This information should be available online for everyone to view as soon as possible after elections have been declared. This would allow voters to make informed decisions about who they want representing them at all levels of government.

If politicians used SoshWallet or found a way to make their campaign transparent, the public could rest assured that they are properly being represented. It would encourage more people to vote and trust the system.

"Real transparency about who is spending big money on elections at all levels of government will mean more government accountability, less influence for wealthy special interests and less political corruption." - CampaignLegal.org