• Austin Jones

Q4 of 2022 and SoshWallet

We're wrapping up the first week of October which means the fourth quarter of the year is in full roll. The financial analysts are weighing in, economic patterns are taken into account, everybody is wondering how this year is going to end for our bank accounts.

SoshWallet provides an easy to use and transparent group banking application that is on Apple and Android. If coordinating your group to make all payments on time has been troublesome this year, let SoshWallet help you finish 2022 off the right way!

According to The National Association of Realtors, home sales are down .4% from July and 19% from last year. Many suggest the housing market is gearing up for another bull run in a buyers market while others think the market is due for a crash. Home mortgage interest rates in recent years were at historic lows but recently have started to rise. The National Association of Realtors said - "The softness in home sales reflects this year’s escalating mortgage rates."

So if your in the market to finance a home or an income property with a group such as a real estate cooperative, then SoshWallet has just the thing for you! Our group payments and banking app is ideal for these uncertain market conditions.

Financial markets like the Dow Jones and Cryptocurrency are both on a downward trend so far this year. Q4 doesn't look to be very promising and SoshWallet may be a haven for those who are looking to manage their finances in groups.

However you decide to group pay, SoshWallet has the way! Download our app to get through the final quarter in a tough year. We hope financial prosperity for everyone as we wrap up 2022. Let's get prepared for the holidays!