• Austin Jones

Plan Your Thanksgiving Holiday With SoshWallet!

SoshWallet is the cool new app that allows you and your entire group to bank together. What better way to plan your Thanksgiving holidays over the next two weeks?

Maybe you want to get the whole family together across multiple states, some family members might not have the funds to travel but with a group account you can coordinate the funds to make it happen! Maybe you're planning a "Friendsgiving," and you want to make sure that every friend attending gets the dish they want, so you plan out the feast and have everyone pool money together to buy it in time!

SoshWallet can help make your Thanksgiving an easy going one! All the traveling, cooking, and dealing with the twice removed cousin is a bit much. Why not make your Thanksgiving less troublesome with SoshWallet?

SoshWallet is an easy to use mobile app, compatible with all major banks and FDIC insured, it's legit! It's so easy to use that you can get everyone from Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and all the twice removed cousins signed up and using it immediately!

So whatever your Thanksgiving holiday plans are, if it involves a group coordinating money together then SoshWallet wants to help make the process secure, safe, and above all - transparent!