• Austin Jones

Plan Your Holidays With SoshWallet

According to ExplodingTopics - 96% of Americans buy gifts for their family during the holiday season. This means someone's probably buying you a gift, you're probably buying someone else a gift, and people are traveling around to exchange these gifts. There's a lot of spending going on and sometimes these situations can get complicated.

Oftentimes the issues are forgetting to buy plane tickets, double buying the same gift for the same person or forgetting the buy a specific gift. What if there was a social wallet that allowed us to coordinate and communicate among these complex group expenditures during the stressful holiday season? Well now there is, with SoshWallet!

SoshWallet is the social wallet to help your group spend more effectively. It's not just to help corporate teams meet their budgets but also for families to coordinate expenses. Did little Timmy get what he wanted, how about little Susie? Make sure we don't both buy them the same gift. Make sure everyone has their plane ticket, don't want to end up like in the Home Alone movies.

SoshWallet will help your holiday season be a simpler one. Make holiday trip planning and present purchasing a breeze with our easy to use group spending app. Get Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and any major decision maker on your group spending account.