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Plan Your Vacations With SoshWallet!

SoshWallet is here to help any group of people bank together to meet any need. In this article we'll be discussing how you can use our app to plan vacations from small to large groups.

Holiday vacations can be a big thing for families, friends, and organizations. Employee appreciation trips are a common thankyou from employers. Families often travel in groups to go see other family members during less busy holiday periods like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Friends plan trips around the world together all the time. SoshWallet can help in all of these scenarios. Whether it's across the state, on the other side of the country, or around the world - it's up to you and your group.

Say you're a small group of friends that want to travel for a music festival and some site seeing along the way. You develop a list of things you all want to do and map out all the costs. You figure out how much you can each afford and plan this whole trip. Now how do you follow through? SoshWallet! You can login and create a group specifically for this trip, send the QR code or link to your friends and then each member of your group can pay the account. This way everyone can tell the other members are committed. Everyone can see the Airbnb or hotel rooms get booked. They can see the festival ticket purchases and food pre-orders and pretty much everything they may need! If you have a small group of friends that is planning a trip, consider using SoshWallet!

Friends that travel together, stay together or so they say. It's proven to anyone that's traveled in groups, these experiences create memories that last for a lifetime. You often hear people say things like - "Life is short, make sure you travel!" SoshWallet believes this is an incredibly important human component. We long for adventure and new experiences. Use our group banking payments app to secure the best trip for you and your friends!

Say you're a medium sized family with grandparents, parents, kids, aunts, uncles, cousins, the whole lot! Everyone wants to go to Paris this year but Grandma and Aunt have the whole thing planned out. Well Grandma signs up and adds a group account, Auntie (as the co-admin) adds everyone to the account through SoshWallet, and the rest of the family puts in the necessary funds. All the cousins and grandkids get to see the expenses and get an idea of what their trip will entail. So if you're a family looking to plan a trip, let SoshWallet make it easier for you!

A 2011 study on family travel and trends revealed that seventy percent of families expect to travel during the holiday seasons to see and spend time with other family members. Ten plus years later in a post covid world, families are wanting to travel even more. Many of us lost so much time in quarantine that our time with each other is even more urgent! SoshWallet understands the importance of family trips and vacations. We're here to help with our group payments app!

Maybe you're a large company who uses an annual employee vacation trip as a retention measure. All 150 of your employees get to go on a luxury vacation if they complete one year of work and match two dollars per paycheck along the way. All you have to do is attach your business account to SoshWallet, add a new group for the employee trip and add your employees! Your employees will get to see everyone else pledging money towards the trip, while seeing the expenditures for booking hotel rooms and such. The incentives grow along with your employee retention! SoshWallet thinks little measures like this can help large corporations maintain staff and reduce shortages - ensuring that their production stay at the top!

Premier companies like Airbnb, BambooHR, Calendly, Evernote, Expedia, FullContact, PulsePoint, ThirtyMadison, TripAdvisor, United Airlines, and more use Employee Vacations as a method to establish company loyalty, productivity, and motivation amongst their staff. It's proven highly effective in managing large groups of people. SoshWallet thinks we can help companies achieve this with our group banking app!

So whether it's the small group of friends, entire family, or large employee pool from a corporation - SoshWallet has the app to help make your vacations happen. Now is a good time to start planning too. As we roll into September it's only two months until Thanksgiving and three months until Christmas! There's gonna be a lot of families traveling around the country around these times. Use us to book your Airbnb or your hotel rooms! Use SoshWallet to secure the reservations at the best eateries! Utilize our group banking app to ensure everyone in the group knows what they want is being paid for to avoid any mishaps! Travel smart by doing it with SoshWallet! Plan the best vacation with us! Share this article and mention who you'd like to plan a SoshWallet planned vacation with!

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