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  • Austin Jones

Keep Your Donors Committed To Your PTA With SoshWallet

Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) play a vital role in supporting and enriching the education of children at schools. PTAs rely on the support and engagement of donors to fund their programs and initiatives, which is why it is so important to find ways to keep these donors engaged and involved. Here are some tips for how to do just that:

  1. Communicate regularly: It’s important to keep your donors informed about what your PTA is doing and how their contributions are making a difference. This could be through newsletters, email updates, or social media posts. Donors want to feel connected to your organization and see the impact of their donations, so be sure to keep them in the loop.

  2. Show appreciation: Donors appreciate being recognized for their contributions, so be sure to show your appreciation through thank-you notes, special events, or other gestures. This could be as simple as sending a personalized email or as grand as hosting a donor appreciation event.

  3. Involve donors in decision-making: One way to keep donors engaged is to involve them in the decision-making process. This could be through surveys or focus groups, or by inviting them to sit on a committee or board. When donors feel like their opinions and ideas are valued, they are more likely to stay engaged.

  4. Offer opportunities for involvement: In addition to financial contributions, many donors are also interested in getting more involved with your PTA through volunteer work. Consider offering opportunities for donors to volunteer at events, help with fundraising, or mentor students.

  5. Host educational events: PTAs often focus on raising funds, but it’s also important to educate donors about the work you do and the issues facing education. Hosting educational events or workshops can be a great way to keep donors engaged and informed.

SoshWallet can help keep your donors engaged with all of these methods. Our app allows you to keep your donors committed while inline with communication regularly in the same hub to view of all the financial accounting. This makes progress reporting easier and maintains engagement from your donors. It involves them in the budgeting and decision making processes, allowing them to choose how much effort they contribute beyond donations. It educates them on all the needs and goals of the PTA.

If you want to keep your donors engaged with your PTA, consider using SoshWallet!

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