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I am All-In

I have always been that type of person that goes #all-in for whatever I am doing. My high school friends could attest to this.....I was a cheerleader, Student Council President, in a billion different clubs and went to everything that had to do with my high school. I was always this way for any company I worked for......logo wearing queen, unpaid marketer of the brand, and would jump in feet first to make the company I worked for better! I was a dedicated team member.....in anything that I did or do!

When Rekha came to me in early 2020 (BC ie Before Covid), she told me that she wanted to build something with me because at our last company, we just clicked! We #loveanimals, #Indianfood (I'll write about my Indian food experiences later), and #technology. She and I are generally optimistic about everything and even though we come from two different parts of the world, we are so much alike. She thought she had to convince me with " you can run culture the way you want to run culture and we can build something that does good for people!"

We started with the idea of people and the relationships of people. We had to think back about experiences where relationships struggled whether working with, traveling with, donating with, and anything else with. I had the idea of creating something similar to FaceBook groups but soon after this idea came so did Covid so we had to drop that one and move on to another idea. Our biggest realization was that Covid was hurting a lot of people and how can we help with that??? If someone was out of a job, then is there a way that a group of our friends can help them pay their bills??? We know that when money is involved there is always the question of "what are they actually using it for?" hence transparency. What if we create an app, that allows groups to financially help someone while creating full transparency of where that money is going? Hmmmm???? What if?????

We incorporated our company SoshWallet in late February of 2020 and here we are today! "Sosh" meaning social and "wallet"...of course you know the meaning of that. We want to take you on our journey....two women...who have never done this before and starting off with not a "Facebook" type of app but one of the largest growing industries out there....payment apps. OMG!! What were we thinking???? I've never been the one that says "we can't do this"! So why not, huh? I'M ALL-IN!!!

To end the story for today, yesterday I went to get my nails done and decided that if I am going along with the theme of "I'm all-in" then I'm definitely getting our logo on my nails. Thank you, Anne Rotondo (https://www.linkedin.com/in/anne-rotondo-4228b217/) for being there in the beginning for us and helping us with our AMAZING logo and for being #Allin #urthebest !

We are in BETA mode so if you want to be #all-in with us. Download our app and help us make this #betagreat!

Jenn and Rekha


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