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How SoshWallet Sets A Cornerstone For Transparency.

Transparency isn't a new idea but it's only been achieved in so many ways before. Wallets have always been private but dependent on social action or the collective action of others. as of now, even what's the norm socially - wallets and bank accounts may only show the inner workings to a single person or handful of trustees. Why is this the case?

Let's talk about Schools, Charities, Politicians, Home Owners Associations, Startup Companies, and all these groups that pool money from other people. Why is it we're accustomed to putting different peoples money together and then not letting any of them see what's going on?

That's where SoshWallet comes in! It's mobile application will work on any smartphone. It integrates with major banks and is FDIC insured. Whether it's a charity or startup company, those who are sending their money to it - can see it! They can see not only who else is donating but how all their money is being spent. SoshWallet users can rest assured with our app, your money is being put to good use!

Blockchain technology is like the 90's and early 2000's era internet. Full of potential and also largely misunderstood. SoshWallet uses Blockchain. Not for some Crypto-Bro token that's gonna disrupt an industry and fund massive change. SoshWallet uses blockchain just to keep exact record of all activity. It's almost like a decentralized social audit system for bank accounts that use their money. It's really interesting when you see a tech company using blockchain in an innovative fashion with a concept that's so simple its like - why didn't we do this before already?

Being a treasurer is a huge task itself. Imagine having a budget and then needing to micromanage every single group members payment by cash or check. SoshWallet makes the Social Wallet that works for everyone involved! It's fast, easy to use, and entirely transparent! What better tool could a treasurer possibly want?

You don't have to be a treasurer to use SoshWallet either. Maybe you just want to organize a family or friend vacation. Maybe you want to make sure the roommates are paying the bills. SoshWallet has so many social wallet group banking ways to meet your needs!

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