• Jennifer Jones

Greek Life - A million events in a minute

A million years ago, I was part of #Greeklife at my university. I was #RushChairman and #SocialChairman for my #sorority and I was constantly moving, doing and organizing. I loved it!! Bringing people together is what I have always done best and I was always in my element planning and organizing.

So much has changed in Greek Life nowadays, but there are some things that have stayed the same such as collecting money, splitting expenses, and of course, all the good that #greeklife does around #donations to #charity. When my partner and I started on the journey of building a #blockchained app, there were a few scenarios that played in the back of our minds: 1. how groups are collecting money from a million different people in a million different places and the disorganization of it all 2. how groups collect expenses either through submitting paper receipts or some form of sending it digitally and then it's up to the person that they are sending it to, to organize it in a way that their mind works. 3. how groups collect so many donations for our charity partner/s but yet they never saw where the money went. It wasn't tied to any type of program, expense, etc. Those were the major problems we were trying to solve for and building it with a virtual ledger like blockchain.

It's been a journey to explain to people what we do but bottom line, we have built an app that will keep group payments transparent to the groups you want them to be transparent to unlike today where two people have access to a group bank account. We have taken the #groupbanking process virtual and embedded innovation in the way that group's collect, expense and donate.

What can you do with our app if you are a Greek organization?

  1. Collecting donations for you preferred charity by creating a #donationaccount tied to your charity. Make sure your charity also signs up for an account so that they can see payments coming in. You can set up bins for all of their programs, operations, salaries etc. The sky is the limit.

  2. Set up an expense account and then organize your bins by events: rush event #1, rush event #2, fall festival, greek week, etc. You get the picture. You can also tie those expenses to a donation account if you need to and at any moment export and upload into another platform if you need to.

  3. Need to collect dues and remind someone, no worry we have that feature too! Set up a collection account just for dues and then create bins for each year. Invite or post via QR code so people can easily donate.

We would love to help you get started and who knows, we might be missing something that you think we should include....let's have that conversation. After all, it's been a minute since I've been in the #greeklife. Cheers to you and good luck with the new year started, if we can help send us an email...it goes directly to me.