• Austin Jones

Food Service Cooperative Launches In Northwest Florida : SoshWallet

SoshWallet is launching a Food Service Cooperative, at a strategic time. The holidays are usually the slowest period for dine out industry. Restaurants and food trucks alike often see dramatic drops in sales on the weeks of both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Families are traveling across the country, they're pinching pennies for holiday gifts. After a rough year for small business in the food industry, this might be a rough holiday season.

SoshWallet wants to help! Every food service based business that joins the cooperatives group account, gets a $20 dollar credit. Once we have enough accounts, there will be a vote on what product to bulk buy for us. It will be something that everyone uses, likely a paper good such as napkins, utensils, or styrofoam containers. The goal is to start getting more product with less cost by purchasing in volume. If small business wants to hang on like the franchises do, we're gonna have to form a union of sorts and utilize our numbers for buying power.

"Small businesses are the engine that powers our nation’s economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are somewhere around 30 million of them. Small businesses create two out of three net new jobs in the private sector — and more than half of all Americans either own or work for one. Small businesses need us, and we need them. They are the key to creating a vibrant community. They are the backbone of our economy. They provide jobs, they pay taxes, they improve the quality of life. When they win, we all win." - Quint Studer, an entrepreneurial visionary.

Imagine if every small business in the food service industry, on a national scale ordered their paper products together. Imagine if they formed sub niche groups for close proximity on the state/county scale, that bulk orders the same ingredients. Forming networks that utilize local butchers and commissaries. 60% of restaurants fail their first year and 80% don't see it past the 5 year mark, according to CNBC.

Northwest Florida is going to be the proving grounds for such an organization that can make entities who once viewed each other as competition, as instead allies. An organization that gives every mom n pop shop the same buying power as the largest franchises. A union of entrepreneurs forming a network that nourishes their community. With SoshWallet's transparent food service cooperative you not only will see where all the spending goes with accounting visibility but you'll also see larger profit margins on your items and stronger supply chains in your community.

Whether it's Bay, Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, or Escambia counties - we want you! Join us and together we can fortify small business in the food industry nationwide! Download the SoshWallet app, it's free, compatible with all major banks, FDIC insured, and entirely transparent!