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  • Austin Jones

Don't Just Trust Your PTA Treasurer, Make Them Transparent With SoshWallet

Treasurers are often responsible for handling large sums of money for organizations, including parent teacher associations (PTAs). Unfortunately, there have been instances where treasurers have stolen money from PTAs, causing financial harm to the organization and mistrust among its members.

There's multiple cases last year and you just about can't find a time period where there isn't a PTA treasurer committing fraud somewhere in the news.

One example of this occurred in 2012 in Miami - "According to her arrest affidavit, 40-year old Janet Gamory stole $32,859.35 in cash money from the Silver Lakes Elementary School's Parent Teacher Student Association. As treasurer for the PTA, police say Gamory stole the money over a 15 month period from July 2010 through August 2011."

Another example took place in New York just last year for over $185,000 stolen! - "Marc Haynes, 34, the former co-treasurer of the East Side Elementary School, PS 267 Parent Teacher Association, was charged in Manhattan Supreme Court with grand larceny for allegedly ripping off the organization by making unauthorized credit card payments from a PTA account, prosecutors said."

These examples highlight the importance of proper oversight and checks and balances when it comes to handling PTA finances. PTAs should have a system in place to ensure that multiple people have access to financial records and that there is regular auditing of the accounts.

It's important to have a transparent budget and financial statement and to communicate this with the members of the organization. This will allow members to easily see how money is being spent and ensure that there is no suspicious activity.

PTAs should consider having transparent bank account for all their members, with a program like SoshWallet. It is important for PTAs to have a system of checks and balances in place to prevent theft and ensure that the finances are handled responsibly. This will protect the organization and the community it serves and foster trust among the members. SoshWallet hopes however you decide to bank, do it with accountability and transparency!

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