• Austin Jones

Collective Spending Has Massive Repercussions

SoshWallet wants people to understand that their collective actions can have massive societal and environmental impacts. Getting a coffee or soft drink might not seem like a major event, but considering 1.5 billion plastic bottles are thrown away around the world each day. We have to think how they start to add up over time. Our individual decisions have massive impact when we consider they add up with everyone else.

SoshWallet wants to help promote recyclables and biodegradable products. Most of the reason these products aren't purchased is because of costs. It's not necessarily always that ecological products are expensive to produce but often that they're not as in demand. They're not being purchased in as much bulk.

SoshWallet offers a transparent group banking app. Ideal for any ecological effort. Whether you're building a new product that replaces a single use plastic. Organizing a fund that bulk orders biodegradable materials. Even charities that simply promote more environmentally friendly practices.

The SoshWallet group banking app isn't just for standard finance Wallstreet type activity. It's also for the future! For leaving the planet better than we found it. For conserving our environment so that future generations may enjoy it. None of us can do it alone, but together collectively - we can bring change. Let's plan to be more environmentally friendly. More ecologically sustainable. Above all more conscientious of our decisions lasting impacts, no matter how small and insignificant we think they may be.