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Checks and Cash are out, SoshWallet is in!

When it comes to gathering funds, the old school way to do it is writing checks or handing over cash. SoshWallet is making this easier! By using the app, you can add members to your group account with ease. Gathering donations can be done with the ease of sending out a mass text or just a message in your group chat.

In 2022 we're still in the covid era society. Using electronic payments versus physical exchanges, makes us less likely to transmit disease. Think about how many hands touch a dollar bill. With SoshWallet, just having access to the group finances circumnavigates these potential hazards. Those with compromised immune systems like patient advocacy groups. Not every group has the health of a sports team. When we bank in groups, SoshWallet can be an essential tool to make sure all members are safe.

Being easy to use is key, and that's exactly what SoshWallet offers! Adding members to your group account is now as easy as downloading our app, making an account, and accepting an invite from your treasurer! From there you get a total birds eye view of your groups expenses. The possibilities are truly limitless! Roommates can bank together with SoshWallet to make paying rent and bills easier. Parent Teacher Associations can use SoshWallet to make fundraising for their kids classrooms a breeze. Startup companies can use SoshWallet to secure investment and make fundraising simple. Charities can use SoshWallet to bank transparently with their donors, earning their trust with ease.

You can use our app how ever you see fit! We want to know, how do you Sosh? What applications do you see for our software? Tell your friends, tell your family! We want people to know about SoshWallet and how easy we make it to bank transparently as a group!

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