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Charities Can Be Transparent With SoshWallet!

In todays world it is hard to trust every charity you hear of. When checking out at a grocery store or fast food chain and they ask you to donate to a charity. Do you know your money is actually being spent on a good cause and not just a staff members vacation? There's all kinds of platforms out there like websites that rank charities by how transparent and accountable they are.

It will likely be the charities that adopt transparent group banking practices like what SoshWallet offers - that become the new leaders of most trustable charities. When you decide where you want to donate your money, when you care about a cause. With SoshWallet you can see how the organization spends every cent of the money donated to them. This is why we must start getting these charities to bank transparently with SoshWallet!

Transparent group banking made easy! If you want to be able to look an organization up and see what all the members think of it's expenses. It will be easy to gauge as those members can look at expenses in real time with SoshWallet! It may almost be like a seal of approval, where charities, organizations, even private companies alike can't be trusted unless they use a transparent group banking platform.

We see people work hard for their money. We see people care about certain causes with every ounce of their being. We want to see peoples hard earned money go to what they care about. This is how needs are met and progress is made. SoshWallet is helping this all happen! So tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbors! SoshWallet is here to help!

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