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Being You Day - A blog by our intern

Throughout my career, I have felt that "being you" in the workplace was always important. I am thankful that most of my career, I had leaders that just let me be me...the quirky, obsessed about people's experience, stick to my guns.....ME! I've been lucky to have had a few interns working for me through my career and of course, the teacher in me comes out, but I've learned that teaching goes both ways. So on this day of "being you", I am handing this blog post off to our intern, Damaris. She's a high school student and my friend. She told us a few years back that she wants to major in marketing, so we had the perfect opportunity to bring her onboard. She is uber-smart, beautiful, an avid runner, has this unique way of writing her notes (she could be a font creator...btw) & we are thankful that she can be a part of our journey.

Here is her blog.........

My interest in the marketing field began during my sophomore year of high school. I was taking a class in the business academy at my school as a prerequisite for the academy, but I was skeptical of being in this class since I was worried that I would end up being uninterested in the academy and resort to finding another field to become interested in. Going all the way back to elementary school, my peers knew me as a creative and artistic person all throughout our years there. Drawing and painting, to this day, continue to be one of my most favorite hobbies (and strengths) that I take part in. I even became part of the National Art Honor Society chapter at my school beginning my junior year and was recently elected as the secretary for this chapter.

But back to the whole business situation, my interest in the marketing field was suddenly sparked by a project that we were assigned in my business class towards the end of my sophomore year. We were asked to make an ad for a business that we made up, and I decided to create a sporting goods store and made a promotional graphic advertising a made-up sale event for the store. Getting a chance to incorporate my artistic and creative traits into this project was what really developed my interest in the field. Once I completed this course, I decided to go ahead and move on to taking sports and entertainment marketing and advertising in my first semester and social media marketing and virtual business during the second semester of my junior year. I came to find out that I actually really enjoyed working on the projects that were assigned to us and I valued the fact that I had no limits in executing my creativity into these projects. To me, they were more than just assignments, they were opportunities for me to execute a newly-discovered capability and to see what my strengths were and what I needed to work on.

When working in an actual work setting, I would look forward to having an open criteria, and not just be limited to a small number of principles that I need to meet. This would allow me to incorporate my strengths and my well-known traits into my work so I am able to work the way in which I work at my best, as much as possible. Being allowed to be yourself in the workplace allows for the larger flow of new ideas and maybe even ideas that have never been heard of, and I think that through this, the effectivity in the workplace among the people within it would become more abundant, creating a work environment that isn’t the typical one that you’d see on television. With these ideas coming together, the workplace would become more than just a workplace; it would become a place where individuals are able to create meaningful, lasting relationships and have the ability to further increase the effectiveness of the environment of their workplace.

Damaris Martinez

High School Junior - Pflugerville, Texas

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