• Jennifer Jones

Beginning our Journey in a Luggage Closet

To continue with our story, I'll take you back to February 2020, which as we all know was a turning point for many companies. We were just getting started and we needed a place to be creative. We were both work-from-home and we needed a space to hang ideas, processes, a to-do list and a parking lot of things. There was a Holiday Inn Express in the middle of both our homes so one day we went in to speak to the manager. He was the nicest man on the planet and he had a super cool name, Cheyenne!

To rent a room every day for a month was entirely out of our startup budget, so he decided that he would move out of his office and give us his office which was right in our budget and exactly what we needed. Cheyenne is someone who led with #goodintentions. If you are out there, Cheyenne, we #heartu and thank you for giving us our first official startup break! You can see from our pictures that it was this tiny little luggage closet where we sat back to back......one day I yelled out "I got your back, Rekha!" Ha Ha!

Within the first month we onboarded our friend @Kellyerennell to help us build our vision, mission and values. Kellye became our #jillofalltrades. Whatever we needed, she did it....researched, built our flow for the dev team and emotional support! She always leads with good intentions because that is her core! #udabest

We felt that building who we are within the first few months is important for any company but especially for those who have not done this before. A big thanks goes to the book "Traction" by Gino Wickman. It's a great read for any business. As you can tell, #goodpeople came to us when we needed them and we truly believe that people will cross your path at the right time.

We knew that we wanted to do #goodintheworld but also to build something along the lines of our strengths. I am the connector, the helper and the cheerleader. Rekha is the product "guru" with this love of everything financial. We both are super social, techies and are organizers of everything. In building our "core", here is what we wrote on our gigantic sticky note on the wall.......trust, creative, enjoy the journey, and treat everyone with respect. Having been in culture roles in the past, I wanted to begin a journey by building the heart of a company and being able to do this with my business partner was so exciting for me. Stay tuned for the next story on how we incorporated good at the core of our business........