• Jennifer Jones


Most of my career has been in engaging people in some way, shape or form! When Rekha and I created SoshWallet, the one thing that we wanted was to engage groups of people in giving. The data showed us that when people volunteer together, they tend to give together as well.

I found it really difficult to bring volunteer opportunities to large groups so I would do my best to be creative on what I could offer. Way back when, when remote working wasn't as popular, I worked for a large tech company that did over remote work. There was a large global population of our team members that never really got the chance to volunteer with groups. I went searching for those opportunities.

I came across a program that the United Nations World Food Program offered that I thought was AMAZING! They created a website called Freerice.com and they give you trivia questions that you answer. Every question you answer correctly raises 10 grains of rice for the World Food Programme (WFP) to support its work saving and changing lives around the world. They raise their money through private sponsors.

How does this tie into group volunteering? Freerice.com allows you to create groups and share those groups and compete! Login and create and account then go to "groups" and "create a group". Name your group and you are off to the races.

We would absolutely love to be the top group on the leaderboard so join us!

Actions to join our Trivia Group and donate free rice:

  • Login to create an account, go to the "groups" section on the left-hand side

  • Click on "join existing group"

  • Enter the group code: FFMUW7TN. Let's do this together!

We have also set up an account in our app that will accept donations of just $1.

Actions to give via our Sosh Group:

Why use us to donate?

  • We are cheaper.....charity or receiver is charged only 1.5% which is so much lower than industry standard.

  • When a charity creates an account with our wallet, donors will be able to give directly to them and for whatever campaign that charity is currently raising funds .

  • The link or QR code can be shared for every campaign with its on unique code. It's not just about one code for everything.

  • Transparency and security are the foundational pillars for our app & this is why:

  • Blockchain built on IBM Hyperledger framework

  • Every account is FDIC insured unlike others that are out there

  • Everyone is validated as real people in order to pay so there is less fraud.

  • We are built with industry leaders like Amazon Web Services for storing & protecting our data, Plaid for linking your bank account, & Sila for account management, insurance & bank-grade validation of users .