• Austin Jones

Amateurs Talk Strategy, Professionals Talk Logistics - SoshWallet

Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics." - Omar Bradley is one of the most decorated military veterans in history. He was a field commandeer at D-Day, The Armies fourth 5 star General (pictured above receiving his 5th star from President Truman,) and even the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. If anybody understood the importance of a supply chain, it was Omar Bradley.

The world of finance, commerce, and societal change is a complex beast to understand. Supply chains work on paper but actually conducting them and maintaining them is a monumental task. SoshWallet want's to help your organization with it's logistics. Whether it's with the treasurers budget or a department managers inventory ordering. When accounting is transparent, group members are more productive.

According to Glassdoor.com - "Workplace transparency is proven to breed long-term success. Implemented properly, increased transparency creates trust between employers and employees, helps improve morale, lowers job-related stress. while increasing employee happiness and boosting performance. And being transparent costs nothing, which gives it an exceptional ROI. Given all the documented benefits of a transparent workplace culture, why aren't more organizations practicing openness and transparency? Perhaps it's the fear of being vulnerable that makes transparency sound more risky than rewarding. Or maybe some companies don't know where to start."

Glassdoor hit the nail on the head. There hasn't been a service for groups to share accounting access with, until now with SoshWallet! Think about how many times a buried email or missed conversation leads to critical order deadlines not being met. How many times accounting mistakes are made before someone notices. Transparency truly is a undervalued component for healthy work environments. This doesn't only adhere to private industry groups either but also public community based ones like Home Owners Associations and Parent Teacher Associations.

SoshWallet want's to provide the transparency that helps your groups environment thrive! So don't just listen to us or GlassDoor, read all the case studies and business cases that prove transparency is the future! Utilize SoshWallet for your social wallet and watch your projects work more efficiently!