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  • Austin Jones

4 Ways To Fundraise For Your PTA

Coupon Books

What better way to raise funds for your PTA than by involving all the local businesses in your area the chance to advertise with coupons to their local schools. Parents and other members of the community will want to donate, not only to help out the PTA but also to get their hands on these coupons!


Food is a great way to get people to donate. Even if they don't believe in the cause, they still eat! Having a BBQ cook off or a chili contest is a fun activity that many students families will want to join in on. The PTA can sell tickets that let people attend and obtain food samples. They can also sell entry tickets to compete in the cook off itself. Larger portions of food can be sold or "traded for donations." It isn't just chili or BBQ either. You can do more simple things like spaghetti, ramen noodles, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, as in foods that cost very little!

Goods Sales

Having a sales drive is a great way for the PTA to fundraise! There's candy boxes which can be ordered from any major candy manufacturer. Where the complete sale of each box yields about $20 per, at the lowest volume ordered. You can also do a baked goods sale where students and parents can choose exactly what they want to sell. Regardless, a prepared foods sale is always a fun way to go!

community yard sale

Who doesn't love yard sales? This is a great way to get everyone involved. Everyone has some clutter and old stuff laying around they want to get rid of. The school parking lot on a weekend or holiday makes a great spot to setup tents and tables. All you have to do is get everyone parents, teacher, and students to show up with stuff they don't want anymore! Sell it off and collect the proceeds!

SoshWallet wants you to raise funds responsibly! Consider using our mobile app to collect donations, expense costs, and be accountable with your donors by showing them the bank account!

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