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  • Austin Jones

5 More Ways To Fundraise For Your PTA

Fundraising is an important aspect of parent teacher associations (PTAs) as it helps to support various initiatives and activities that benefit students and teachers. There are a multitude of ways that PTAs can raise funds. SoshWallet can help you coordinate with your association to figure out which way is best for your PTA. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1 - Host a bake sale: This is a tried and true method for raising funds that is easy to organize and always popular. Simply gather volunteers to bake and sell treats like cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. You can set up a table at a school event or hold the sale at a local community center or shopping mall.

2 - Have a car wash: This is another simple and effective fundraising idea that can be held at a school or in a local parking lot. Gather volunteers to wash and dry cars, and advertise the event through flyers and social media.

3 - Organize a walk-a-thon: This is a fun way for students, teachers, and community members to get some exercise while raising money for the PTA. Participants can collect pledges from friends and family members, and the PTA can provide refreshments and prizes for those who raise the most money.

4 - Have a silent auction: This is a great way to showcase the talents and resources of your community. Ask local businesses and individuals to donate items or services to be auctioned off at an event. This could be anything from gift baskets and gift certificates to handmade crafts and experiences.

5 - Host a talent show: This is a fun and engaging way to raise funds while showcasing the talent of your school community. Students and teachers can perform in front of a live audience, and tickets can be sold to attendees.

There are many other creative ways that PTAs can raise funds, including hosting a raffle, selling merchandise, and organizing a pay for entry event. The key is to choose an activity that aligns with the interests and resources of your community, and to involve as many people as possible in the planning and execution of the event. Whatever way you choose to fundraise, SoshWallet wants you to maximize the impact it has on your community by being transparent and accountable!

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