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How will you use SoshWallet?

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I'm the Social Financial Organizer (SFO) for my personal group, PTA, college organization, work group or charity group

Are you the one that is always asked to organize the finances for your group?  You then become the stalker of payments, the receipt collector or distributor, the fundraiser, and/or the spreadsheet organizer.  People come to you for everything!

I'm a college group organizer

I'm a PTA Treasurer

I am having a hard time expensing volunteers in a timely manner, making sure people trust where their money is going & not paying an arm and leg for payment tools. My role is a hard because I am responsible for people's money. 


I'm a college group organizer

I want my roommates, sorority sisters, band members etc to trust where their money is going.  I can't keep all the payments coming in from my different groups organized and I need something cheaper!


I'm a Charity

I am having a hard time with the cost of payment platforms for our small nonprofit. It's hard to constantly communicate on where donor's money is being spent.  Why does the money part of our job have to be so hard?

I'm a personal or Work Group organizer

I am always asked to organize the financials for my family trip, game night, bachelor|bachelorette party, or my culture activities at work. I feel horrible that I have to have people write me checks, pay me in Venmo & they don't know what I'm actually spending their money on. There's got to be a better way!

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