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The transparent way to PTA pay

Lower your cost, go virtual with your expenses & share with others

You attach your PTA|PTO bank account, assign a co-admin & give access to the money coming in and the money going out to whomever.....your board or maybe all members. It's up to you


Trust that we have your back

Your money is insured up to $250,000 USD per person or group


Dual admin support for each group with the ability to set payout limits

Built on blockchain which just means you have a virtual ledger where transactions are locked into place & can't be changed

Website - PTA - 1.5% payout.png
Website - PTA - Trust we have your back.png

Save your coin because we are cheaper

It's FREE to use the app 

1.5% is charged to the PTA|PTO as the receiver of collections or donations – Industry standards varies from 2.8% to 10%

No per transaction fee & no platform fees

Create transparency for your donors

Verification of your 501c3 status is done

Add insiders to a collection based on their need to see the money 

Example: You are collecting for Mrs. Jones 3rd grade classroom art supply needs and for this particular group, you can give insider access to all parents.

Add bins for any program, event or team within the same account with separate QR codes and links.

Track who donated or received for every program or project

Website - PTA - Transparency.png

Virtualize your expenses

Allow your insiders to upload their own receipts & create an expense against a particular collection account 

Approve your volunteer's expenses from anywhere in one click

Organize your expenses by events or activities

Be SOSH-ial

Share your story with a community page for every account

Interact with group members & insiders using a feed to post & comment

Share the QR code and account links for easy payments

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